Boxhead 2

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Boxhead 2

Boxhead 2 Game

Play Boxhead 2 at Cooler Maths Games, which is an amazing Action game.  By playing this game you are going to start a war. The imaginary story of the game is that Boxhead guys are coming to dominate the human world. Now it’s your duty to save your place by fighting them. Load your weapon and fight against them before they destroy the world. As a player, in the start you can choose the gaming mode and characters before fighting. You need to move here and there to find out the enemies. You can hide behind the boxes and blocks to shoot those box head creature. Don’t come in their range otherwise, the hero will die and the mission is over. You can also use the bombing against the group of enemies.

These Boxhead Guys are in fact Zombies. Your mission is to kill them. By doing this you can get rewards and later you can use this reward to upgrade your weapons. You can earn up to 10 new weapons and there are 90+ upgrades by killing different Zombies. You can play Ninja Painter game also.

How to Play BoxHead 2 game

To learn how to play this game see Control Tab before playing it. Use Arrow keys to move and “/” key to shoot. There are some more controls which you can see in the game. Kids under 15 years of age shouldn’t play this game because there are some violence scenes in it.