Earn To Die

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Earn To Die

Earn to Die Game

Play Earn to Die 1 on Cooler Maths Games which is an amazing action game. In this game, you will try to survive a man who have got trapped in a desert. His Halicopter fell down while flying through this desert. There are a lot of Zombies on the way between you and the Pilot of the Halicopter. But i will say they are not zombies they are Terrorists. Its better to Imagine. There are different whicles which you can use to reach him. But you need to buy upgrades. You will get a basic car first. As much as distance you will cross the more score you will earn. You can use this socre to buy upgrades.

Later when you buy all the upgrades and you are corssing the maximum way but still you can’t reach the man. Now this is the time to upgrade the Car. There are many obstacles on the way of this game which you need to corss and which will effect to decrease you speed. But you can buy Weapon to shoot those Terrorist, the weapon will work automatically. Now you can buy boost to speed up your truck or car. Run very fast to crush those terrorists because with this you will earn imaginary money. This money players can use to buy upgrades and fuel.  The Most important thing is that, this is only a game, never try it at home. I personally don’t like this game because there is voilance in this game.

How to Play Earn to Die Cooler Maths Games

To play this game you can use Arrow keys on your keyboard. Music of this game is disturbing and there is no button in this game to turn of the Music. So it is suggested to turn Off the volume of the device on which you are playing this game. Play more Coolmath Games on our homepage rather than playing this game.