Snail Bob 4 – in Space

Game description
Snail Bob 4 – in Space

Snail Bob 4 Game

Play Snail Bob 4 on Cooler Maths Games which is a free puzzle game online. This game is loaded with a lot of Adventure so it will go to the Adventure Category. The imaginary story in the present game is that Snail the Bob is called by the snail’s space center for a secret mission which is to save the planet. This is the 4the edition in Snail Bob games. Now the Bob needs your help to get the way to reach the exit tunnel avoiding scary creatures which will come in his way. Help the brave Bob by Clicking different buttons and

Help the brave Bob by Clicking different buttons and using tools which are given. Because the Snail is in the Space so you can change the gravity parameters. Use the power of gravity to help Bob so he could safely reach the exit point. Here is one more thing, there are some hidden stars, collect them. If you finish the level with all 3 stars in each level this is best for you to get the higher score. Play Snail Bob 3 game as well. Only play this game when you are done with your studies or you got free time. Your education is more important than playing games. It is recommended to turn off the music while playing this game and you can do this by clicking the music button in the bottom of agme screen. Have Fun!

How to Play Snail Bob 4 Game

Have you played the previous parts of Snail games? If yes, then you must know how to play this game by using your abilities. But if you are new then see in-game instructions carefully. This game is amazing like its other parts. Use your mouse to use different tools and to press Buttons.