Papa’s Pizzeria Game HD

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Papa’s Pizzeria Game HD


Papa’s Pizzeria Game

Play Papa’s Pizzeria game free online which is a fun for little kids. These games are full of logic and there is learning purpose behind them. In the imaginary story of this game, Delivery Boy Roy is the new incharge of Papa’s Pizzeria for few days. But the chellanging situation is that regular customers like Papa Louie’s style. Because Papa Louie’s style is to make fully customized Pizza.  Now it is your aim to master the all situation whether it is 2 olives on the lower half, 8 pepperonis everywhere Pizza or its a full sized 10 onion Pizza. Cut it in 4 slices at your own because there is no one to tell you. Do your best, show your skills to get higher rank as a best Pizza Chef in this game. Grafics are good and you will surely love this game.  You can also enjoy Papa’s Freezeria game.

How to Play Papa’s Pizzeria game.

This is a fun game which is fully customized and very easy to play. This game is designed for little kids but people of all ages can have fun playing it. Use your mouse to play this game and click on different things to make them working. And also see in game instructions. Play it as a trial first and later try to do your best.