Spelling Heaven

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Spelling Heaven

Spelling Heaven Game

Play Spelling Heaven game online which is based on education. There are some best educational games on Cooler Maths Games for Kids. So you can try them too after playing this one. There are thousands of words in the Dictionary. But if you want to learn to spell words, you can’t spell all the words correctly at once. It is better to do it step by step by a learning process. This game is giving you ca chance to learn the correct Spelling of most misspelled English words in the different and fun way.

How to Play Spelling Heaven

This game is designed for little kids, so it’s very simple and easy to play it. But this doesn’t mean that only kids can play it, even elders can practice their spelling skills by playing it. You will see on your games screen, different English words falling. Now you will decide they are spelled correctly or not. On each word, you will see the red cross on the left side of the word and green tick on the right side of the word. If the word is spelled correctly press the red cross and if the spellings are correct, click on the green tick. That’s it! To complete a level see on the top of the game screen because there you will see a defined Goal number of words. After you choose the Correct number of words as per Goal you will turn to next level. Each level will be difficult than the last one. You will get a limited number of lives. Now show your skills and do it fast. Try to get the high score in this educational game.

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