The Dark Age

Game description
The Dark Age

The Dark Age Game

Play The Dark Age at Cooler Maths Games, which is an action game. This game is for elders as well because even they can enjoy it. No doubt its little complicated but after some practice, you can master it. In this game, you are the leader and your mission is to move your warriors to the right side. Your second aim is to destroy the shield of your enemy to reach the next zone. There are many zones in this game. So in each level, you can move in different zones. If you want to go to next level, clear all the zones of the previous level.

You need to train 3 types of warriors which are known as Land Warriors, Super Warriors, and Air Warriors. They are different and have different abilities. Now it’s your skill how do you use all 3 types of warriors to win the game. You can also use Lethal Magic in the battle.

How to Play The Dark Age Game

This game contains 10 levels and 65 Zones. 8 Lethal magics can be used and 24 warriors are there in the game. Train your warriors wisely and use cast magic at the right times to win this game. You can press “P” anytime to pause the dark age game or to see the options. If you want to change the warriors change them by pressing 1, 2 ,or 3. If you want to play with Land Warriors press 1. For Air Warriors press 2 and for Super warriors press 3 key. To use Lethal magic you can use your mouse or you can press 4 key as well. Age of War is also the entertaining fighting game.

Go to options and turn off disturbing music. So, you can enjoy it in real sounds. There you can adjust Graphics quality as well. For more see in-game instructions at the start of the game.