Snail Bob 7 – Fantasy Story

Game description
Snail Bob 7 – Fantasy Story

Snail Bob 7 – Bob’s Dream

Play Snail Bob 7 at Cooler Maths Games which is a new brain-teaser puzzle game. This is the 7th edition of Snail Games. In Bob Snail game Series Bob the Snail walk through Jungles Deserts and do different adventures. This imaginary game is based on the Dream of Bob as he read the fairy tail story before going to bet, late night. He read about different creatures and all that creatures later come to his dream. Different dragons, wizards, ghosts, and skeletons come to his dream in this new adventure. There will be some helping friends as well. Help him to deal with this dangerous situation as a game player. This game is loaded with awesome graphics and different obstacles and difficulties. Now it’s up to your skill that how you solve these puzzles.

In this 7th part, you will find the levels very easy in the start. But as the game levels increase, the difficulty level will also increase. If you are stuck at any stage you can restart the level again. Speed is the real matter because as fast Bob will reach to the exit tunnel the more score you will be rewarded. There are some stars also hidden on the way, collect them all.

How to Play Snail Bob 7

The game strategy is same like the previous parts of Snail Bob Games. For more, you can see in-game instructions. Use your mouse to use buttons, levers, and different tools. Help him to pass through the dangerous tracks. When you feel danger you can hide in your shell as well. For this, you can click on the snail bob or use Spacebar on your keyboard. When you want him to walk again, press spacebar or click on the bob gain. If you missed the previous parts of this game you can play Bob Snail 5 too.