Snail Bob 8 – Island Story

Game description
Snail Bob 8 – Island Story

Snail Bob 8 Game – Cast Away

Play Snail Bob 8 at Cooler Maths Games which is a new and till now last game of Snail Bob Games Series. This is the 8th edition in Snail Games and loaded with awesome graphics and fun. The imaginary story in this present game is that Bob and his Grandfather went on a fishing trip in the Snow. They were enjoying their trip when an evil fish came and saw away a big piece of snow on which Bob was standing. Bob Snail was Castaway to a far deserted Island. He is worried and wants to go home, help him to reach his destination.

In this 8th edition of this fun game, you will face obstacles and different difficulties but there will be some hungry natives as well. They will certainly try to hunt the Bob. So be careful in this dangerous way out mission. There will be stars on your way try to collect all the stars to get the higher score. It is suggested to turn off the music before you play the game by clicking on music button. If you want to play the previous part of this game you can play Snail Bob 7 which is also a fun game.

How to Play Bob 8 Game

This game is little harder than all its previous parts. See all the instructions in-game which will pop up in the starting levels to tell you how to play it. Click on the Bob or Press space button to stop his movement which is necessary for some situations. Click on him again to move him. You can click on the top right corner of the game screen to speed up the bob or press 2 on your keyboard. You can press 1 on the keyboard or top right corner 2nd button to change the direction of bob. Have Fun!