Popeye Baseball

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Popeye Baseball

Popeye Baseball Game

Play Popeye Baseball online at Cooler Maths Games, which is a sports game. Where are the people who love  Baseball game but can’t manage time to play it on the ground? Here is a gift for them, they can play this game at home by going online. Popeye is a famous cartoon character and playing baseball in this game. Bunny Bloony is also a good game. Play in mute mode. Have Fun!

How to Play Popeye Baseball Online

In the start, you will see a marker where the ball will pass you. You can use your mouse to change the aim circle towards the maker. Try to get closer to it because this way you can hit the ball straight. You can also control the direction by changing the aim circle if you want to hook or Slice the ball. If you want to hit the ball up, simply aim little below the marker. Similarly, if you want to hit the ball down, you can aim little above the marker. Now the ball is pitched, click left mouse button to swing. But it depends on the timing if you will time well you will hit the sweet spot. If you choose to play it in easy mode, you can also see the strike zone on the screen. But if you miss the ball, leave it alone for a ball. After you hit the ball, the batsman will run to the next base. If you want to bring him to the next base again, click Run button. You can also click Slide button as you batsman get closer to the base. Try to hit the ball and place it to the target for the maximum point. For the first bounce, you will receive the double point.

Fore more see instructions at the start of the game.