Play Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

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Play Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 Cool Math

Play Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 online in forest temple, which is loaded with new fun. This is the 3rd part of amazing strategy game fireboy and watergirl. Both amazing characters are again in forest temple to accept new adventure challenges. You can play this game in multiplayer mode and share with your friends or you can play it alone. If you play it alone you will have to control all 2 characters at once.Help them to get out of each temple room.

How to Play Fireboy and Water Girl 3

1st player will play as fireboy and he can control him by pressing Arrow keys on the keyboard. The 2nd player will play as water girl and W, A , S, D keys are to control. The main thing is that never mix water and fire which means Fireboy should avoid water and watergirl should avoid fire. If you have missed the previous part you can play Fireboy and Water Girl 2 here.