World’s Hardest Game 2

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World’s Hardest Game 2

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Play World’s Hardest Game 2 if you think that you can play and win all type of games. This is the 2nd part of Hardest Game Ever which you are playing at Cooler Maths Games online. No doubt this is really a tough game and it will be not so easy to master. You need much skill and full attention if you want to win this game. Music of this game is very bad and annoying so it is suggested to turn off the music before playing this game. You can turn off the music by press Mute button on the upper side of the game screen. If little things irritate you and you can’t do anything continuously then this game is not for you. Only those people who love to win can enjoy this game.

The mission is same like the first part of this game. You need to collect all the coins which you will see on the board and reach exit point avoiding bouncing balls. But until you collect all the coins you can’t proceed to exit. You can practice demo before playing this game. These games are designed only for learning purposes. You can’t cross the levels first time because the game is really tough and hard but after practice may be cross the levels.

How to play World’s Hardest Game 2 at Cooler Maths Games

See in-game instructions on how to play this game. However, you can use arrow keys to move the Red square. Avoid touching bouncing balls. Your mission is not to reach exit point very quick but your aim is to use less chances. This game is really hard than the first part of this game but also very much entertaining. If you haven’t played the 1st part of this game yet you can play World’s Hardest Game 1 here.