Bloons Tower Defense 4

Game description
Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 – BTD4

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 at Cooler Maths Games which is a nice adventure game. This is the btd 4 which means this is the 4th part of this amazing game. Play this game and help the monkey. The Imaginary story in this game is that Bloons are going to dominate the Monkey’s house. Now as a player, you can help the monkey to build a long, wavy and full of obstacles track in front of the enemies. Use your wisdom and avail the tactics to use different monkeys or towers on the track. Red balloons are ordinary and their speed is slow. But beware of Yellow and Green balloons. They are speedy and more deadly.

It is your responsibility to burst all the balloons on the track. If they pass all the hurdles the game will be over. By passing different levels you will earn money. You can use this money to buy new towers against those balloons. Upgrade your towers time to time and earn the best score. In the start btd4 is very easy but as the levels pass it becomes difficult. You can select the playing mode in the start. This is all up to you that you want to play it in easy mode, in medium difficulty level or in hard mode. You can also play Red Ball 4 which is the 4th edition of Red ball game series.

How to Play btd 4 game

First, let me know, have you played the previous parts? If yes then you know how to play this game. For new players, you can play this game with the only mouse. Use the click of your mouse on towers and post them where you wish. This is up to your skill how you use them. When you buy new Towers you can place them too on different places on the track.