Stick war

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Stick war

Stick War Game

Play stick war game at Cooler Maths Games, which is a war game. In this game, your aim is to control the movement of your army unit. You will have the control of building units. Go on a mission to mine the gold. You also need to destroy the statue of the enemy. In this way, you can learn the way to sword, mage, archer, spear and Giant also. This is not an easy game but little practice can master you. Especially those people who like playing army games, war games or tough games to play can enjoy this game.

Play wisely and show your skills to win this game. If you find it very difficult in the start you can play it twice. Use your troops in a good way and make better decisions. Play it in easy mode first later you can try it Medium difficulty level. Finally, when you feel you can play it now in Hard mode, play it. The suggested thing is that these games should be played after studies only in free time. Because games are only time wasting whichever games they are. But it’s also hard to forbid kids. So, they should play only in free time. Super D game is also a fighting game. Have fun.

How to Play Stick War Game at Cooler Maths Games

You will use your mouse to control the characters in this game. While Mining gold you can use Spacebar key. For Swordwrath you will use Spacebar to attack and Q to block. In Spartan you will use Spacebar for Attack, Q key for Block and F to throw the spear. For Archidon Use your mouse to aim and shoot. In Magikill Spacebar is for Attack and F key for summon minions. At the end, you play Giant Spacebar to Attack. In all game modes, you will use A,S,D,F or Arrow keys to control the movement.