Frizzle Fraz

Game description
Frizzle Fraz

Frizzle Fraz 1 Game

Play Frizzle Fraz 1 game online which is a cool strategy game. In this game, you will control the character and your aim is to collect as more keys as you can. You will use these keys to open the door at the end of the level. You will see many Evil Red creatures but you need to avoid them and don’t allow them to touch you. You will see little guys as well. Collect them too to get points and bring them to the exit level as well. Bring them to the safe place and earn score. Red Evil cartoon and the Shark is not your friend. This is not possible for you to destroy them by jumping on them. So it’s better to avoid them and don’t touch them. You can play 25 Exciting levels of this fun game.

Visit Homepage to play more Cooler math games. These games are educational and for practice purposes. While playing these games kids become familiar to different parts of computer. They learn how to use keyboard and mouse. There are different types of games which attract kids. As in this game, Frizzle Fraz is a funny Character which is very famous in kids. Learning by playing games is a part of modern education. In this way of learning Kids learn new things by playing online. But parents should Take an eye on kids because they can waste their time online as well. Kids also should feel responsibility and shouldn’t play violence games. This game is a single player game wich is full of fun and adventure.

How to Play Frizzle Fraz

As a Player you will use Arrow keys to control the movement of gaming character or for more you can see in-game instructions to learn how to play this game.