Money Movers 3

Game description
Money Movers 3

Money Movers 3 – Guard Duty

Play Money Movers 3 at Cooler Maths Games, which is an adventure game. This is the 3rd game of this series of adventure games. By playing this game as a player you will be on the side of Law. Your duty is to arrest the thieves. In the previous parts of this game, players were helping the thieves to loot the money. But in this part, Players are asked to arrest them. Your duty is catching the criminals who are trying to run. But first, make a plan. Here a dog will help you as well. Do a teamwork and arrest them soon. Remember to collect the money which will come in your way when you will go towards the criminals. Show your abilities and skill of playing games. Play Earn to Die game also.

How to Play Money Movers 3

You can play this game alone in single Mode and also play as multiplayer. For the player who will choose dog will Use the Arrow Keys and the Player who will select to play as Security Guard will Use the Keys of W, A, S, D to play the game.