Papa’s Burgeria Game HD

Game description
Papa’s Burgeria Game HD

Papa’s Burgeria Game

Play cool math Papa’s Burgeria game free online which is a cool skill game. The logic is very clear in this game, which means in Papa’s Pizzeria game a Pizzeria serves Pizzas to customers, then a Burgeria would definitely serve Burgers. In this game as a Player, you will do the duty of a Burger boy and make the different type of delicious hamburger or cheeseburger. Keep in mind some customers can be very picky and choosy. You can play this game as Rita if you are a girl and as a boy, you can play this game as Marty. So, get ready for the job of cooking and serving the craziest burger in the town. Do your best and show your skills to rank up and become a master Chef. This game is an amazing sequel to Papa Pizzeria game.

How to Play Papa’s Burgeria:

The game is very simple and easy. Write down the orders of customers and then cook. Use your mouse to select the things and choose the tickets. Use left click of the mouse for selection of things while cooking. And keep in mind the only reason behind this game is learning purpose.