Papa’s Cupcakeria Game HD

Game description
Papa’s Cupcakeria Game HD

Papa’s Cupcakeria Game

Play Papa’s Cupcakeria game online which is a new game at cooler maths games. In this game, you will Bake the tasty cupcakes in the town. Your duty is very simple but you got responsibilities to choose cupcake baking cups, then add butter to them and watch the oven. When the delicious cakes are ready decorate them with different frosting and toppings. Show your skills to level up your rank and to gain new customers. You will get the notifications of local celebrations, holidays and seasons changing in the town of Frostfield. Serve your customers in a good way and enable them to enjoy the holiday’s celebrations with seasonal clothing, new furniture and different unlockable toppings. You can become a Cupcakria master chef by unlocking more than 100 ingredients by serving different customers on holidays. Play Papa’s Pizzeria also.

How to play Papa’s Cupcakeria Game

This is a simple game like other series of this game. Note down the orders of all customers and prepare them by using left click of the mouse. Click on different things to use them.