Stance ball

Game description
Stance ball

Stance ball is a sports game. The goal of the game is to hit the white ball that is bouncing around the arena into the defending team’s goal. The offensive and defensive switch every 50 seconds. There is a single player mode where you face off against the computer.

Player 1 Controls: W Key = Move Team Up / S Key = Move Team Down / 1  Key = Take Indented Stance / 2 Key = Take Basic Stance / 3 Key = Take Arrowhead Stance

Player 2 Controls: Up-Arrow Key = Move Team Up / Down-Arrow Key = Move Team Down / Num-1 Key = Take Indented Stance / Num-2 Key = Take Basic Stance / Num-3 Key = Take Arrowhead Stance.

Start Menu Controls: 1 Key = Start Single player Game / 2 Key = Start Multiplayer Game.

REMINDER: You have to reload the webpage in order to start a new game.