Snail bob 2

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Snail bob 2

Snail Bob 2 Game

Play Snail Bob 2 game which is the 2nd game of this amazing series. In the first game Bob the Snail was searching for the home but in this part, he is going throug the dangerous Jungle. In this game, the imaginary story is that he is invited to the birthday part of his grandfather. You will see the different type of buttons and tools again in this part to help Bob the Snail. As the time will increase the score will decrease. So help him to reach the exit tunnel as soon as possible to get a better score. In this game again you will see x2 Key on the top left corner of the game which can increase the walking speed of Bob.

This is the second part and if you haven’t played the first part of this amazing game, you can play Snail Bob 1 on Cooler Maths Games. In the start, the game is very easy but as the level increase, you will find it tough. While playing if you fail to pass any level, you can restart anytime. This game contains 20 amazing levels and each level has different difficulties. It is the test of your skills, can you pass all the levels? This game is also for the only educational purpose, get familiar with Mouse and keyboard by playing it. You can play more Bob games here.

How to Play Snail Bob 2 game

As the first part, you will see in-game instructions at every point and every level. See the instructions carefully and use your wisdom to overcome the situation. Use your mouse to use different tools and buttons. Click and hold to use some handles, You can click on the Snail to stop him anytime. Make the record of higher score first and break your own record later.