Snail Bob 5 – Love Story

Game description
Snail Bob 5 – Love Story

Snail Bob 5 Game

Play Snail Bob 5 online which is a new cool puzzle on Cooler Maths Games. Marriage is a respectable relation and the Bob is young and married now. Bob the Snail in this 5th part of Snail games going home to meet his wife. But to reach Lady Snail he needs to walk through the dangerous Jungle again. In his way, there are many obstacles and enemies. Help the Bob to reach home safely. There are many Buttons and Tools to help him. Use them wisely and bring him to the exit point safely. Play all the amazing and fun levels of this game. If you have missed the previous part of this game, you can play 1st part of Snail Bob here.

How to play Snail Bob 5 game

See in-game instructions carefully to learn how to play and how to use the tools. Use your mouse to click on different buttons and click on Snail to stop him. Click again on him if you want to walk him again. It is recommended that your turn of the music by clicking on music button before playing the game. Do it fast because of time matters a lot. You will see 2 buttons on the top right corner of the game. You can use those buttons to turn the Snail and speed him up.