The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz Game

Play The Impossible Quiz on Cool Math games which is a really Impossible Puzzle. This game is an open challenge for those who think they can solve any puzzle. I have already tried it many times but honestly, It was impossible for me to play all the levels. Music of this game is really ver bad and this is highly recommended to turn off the music before you play this game. To turn off the music of this game see the icon in the top left corner of the game screen. Now, come to the puzzle it will impossible for you to solve all the puzzle because this very tricky to play.

All the questions you will see in this game are related to different puzzle games. Few questions will not make a sense, so before you answer, see it again carefully. It is suggested again to see the questions intently. Most questions can have 4 different answers but the correct will be one. Choose that correct answer carefully. If you will submit an incorrect answer you will lose one chance of 3 after three incorrect answers, the game is over. This is really a brain-teaser puzzle which is going to give you a tough time if you are going to beat all the questions.

How to Play The Impossible Puzzle Cooler Maths Games

Use your mouse to click on the right answer or see in-game instructions at the start of the game. But keep in mind all the questions in this game are tricky. They seemed very simple but in fact, they are most difficult questions. You will get 3 mistake chances and after those, the game will be over. But no worries, you can restart the game. Try again and again until you play all the levels. But do in your free time after studies. You can also try Frizzle Fraz game.