World’s Hardest Game

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World’s Hardest Game

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Play World’s Hardest Game ever at Cooler Maths Games which is really a brain-teaser puzzle. Many people think that it is impossible to win this game. But this game is not designed for losers and pathetic people who get anxiety by little problems and who can’t face simple logic problems. This game needs a strategy, quick thinking and decision power. By the way, this game is for those people who like to win by doing something again and again until they win. Although the design of this game is very simple but be careful you need to play your full attention in order to play all the levels.

However, this game is very difficult and the hardest game ever as it is claimed but this game is very much entertaining as well. All the levels are possible to complete. You need practice and attention to reach the exit point. Your goal shouldn’t be complete the levels in less time but your goal should be to complete the level by using fewer chances. If you want to be a winner of this game, 1st observe the patterns of this game and then make a strategy to find out a solution. If you complete all 30 levels of this game you can try The Impossible Quiz.

How to Play World’s Hardest Game at Cooler Maths Games

See in-game instructions carefully before playing this game. In World’s hardest Game, you will control the movement of Red Square. You will see the Blue circles moving on the pattern. Avoid them otherwise you will loose a chance. You need to collect the Yellow circles as you will collect all of them, move to the green beacon by doing this you can complete the level. You can’t submit your score to leaderboard until you complete all 30 levels of this brain-booster puzzle.